Alexis Trout

Alexis Trout

ASID | Designer

Helping clients “explore the possibilities” is what Alexis Trout finds most fulfilling about interior design.

She especially enjoys “turning a boring space into one that a client is proud of, and wants to be in,” whether that means introducing a new floor plan or space layout, or simply selecting artwork, plants, rugs or other finishing touches.

Helping with space planning and selection of furnishings are among Alex's key responsibilities in her role as design assistant to Lisa and Julie. Since joining D3 in 2012, she has worked on everything from residences and model homes to apartment clubhouses. In addition she has been instrumental in upgrading the company's social media sites and activities.

She credits D3's senior designers for helping her develop her own private client base at the company, noting that she listens to and learns a lot from their client presentations.

Alex earned an interior design degree from the University of Nebraska in 2012, during which she took on a two year internship with a prominent Omaha designer. In that capacity, she handled a full range of residential and commercial design responsibilities, including assisting with the renovation of Omaha's Jewish Community Center.

She is fascinated with all aspects of interior design, from creating the interiors of new homes to remodeling existing ones. She is very interested in historic preservation, and the idea of restoring life into older properties.

Alex's involvement with interior design in general—and space planning in particular—dates back to a childhood in which, she recalls, “I would rearrange my room every two months.”